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Hi! I’m Dr. Emily, creator of NCLEX Bootcamp and graduate of Rush University. Passing the NCLEX is a huge milestone in your journey to becoming a registered nurse and I want to make this step as easy as possible for you. In this guide, I’ve compiled some of the most important advice I have to give students studying for the NCLEX.

First, breathe.

Tons of students stress out over the complexity of the Next Gen NCLEX update. I get it - there’s no question that those cases and bowtie questions are intimidating. But here’s the thing that’s so great about the NGN: the NCLEX has graduated from asking you to memorize every little detail and moved on to instead testing your ability to think like a nurse.

This means that you need to change the way you study to match. To pass the Next Gen NCLEX, the #1 thing you need to do is practice thinking like a nurse. This is why every one of our NGN cases includes an expert nurse walkthrough showing you step-by-step how to actually think like a nurse.

At the end of the day, when it comes down to “how to pass the Next Gen NCLEX,” the answer is practice, practice, practice. When you’re answering practice questions and cases, what you’re actually doing is practicing making the same decisions you’ll soon be making as an RN! Getting the most out of that practice means applying the principles in this guide and being intentional and focused when you answer practice questions.

Happy studying, future RN!

Dr. Emily & the NCLEX Bootcamp Team
Rush University, Doctor of Nursing Practice

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