12-Week NCLEX Bootcamp Study Schedule

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  • Bootcamp's NCLEX Study Schedule will tell you exactly what to study day-by-day so you're prepared to pass the Next Gen NCLEX.
  • Download the NCLEX study schedule here.
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    Hi! I'm Dr. Emily Giddings, creator of NCLEX Bootcamp. When students sign up for NCLEX Bootcamp, they're often anxious. After all, this exam will determine your future career in nursing - it's a big deal!

    It's totally normal to feel overwhelmed, especially with the recent Next Gen changes.

    But don't worry, thousands of students pass the NCLEX every year, so there's no reason why you can't either! Remember that success comes one day at a time. With practice, you'll gain the confidence you need to absolutely crush the exam.

    In my 12-week NCLEX Bootcamp study schedule, we will focus on simplifying the complex, drowning out the noise, and building up your confidence every day.

    You can download the 12-week NCLEX Bootcamp study schedule by clicking here.

    You've got this!

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