Med School Bootcamp on a laptop, iPad, and iPhone

High-yield videos & bite-sized quizzes

  • Short video lessons that combine all of the high-yield concepts from the other major resources.
  • Bite-sized quizzes follow each video and reinforce your understanding of high-yield topics.
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"For psychiatry, my main learning resource was Bootcamp and I got an A on the in-house exam. For neuro, I was able to use Bootcamp to review for the NBME final and scored in the top 10% of the class."
Connor Young
Oklahoma College of Medicine
Med School Bootcamp on different devices

2,000+ premium USMLE Step 1 questions

  • Our questions are expertly crafted to mimic the Step 1 experience and interface.
  • Our boards-style question breakdown videos show a step-by-step approach to questions representative of what you'll see on Step 1.
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"I highly recommend Bootcamp all the way to Step 1, for primary content learning and review. It helped me where UWorld could not."
Devin Rojas
Passed - 1st Attempt
Step 1 interface

Study anywhere, anytime

  • Med School Bootcamp works on desktop, tablet, and your phone!
  • Download our iOS and Android mobile app for a seamless study experience when you're on the go (must have an upgraded membership).
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"Bootcamp was SUPER helpful in consolidating a lot of high-yield information into one space, and the questions after each video to reinforce what you learned are also KEY!"
Vivian Zhang
Passed - 1st Attempt
John showing Med School Bootcamp on different devices
Andrew Goulian
Tyler Lolicht
Robert Agan
Shivangi Mohta
Victoria Moore
Shruthi Thiyagarajan
Natalie Norton

"Med School Bootcamp is light years better than Boards and Beyond."

Bootcamp or BnB?
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Study medicine in one place - not all over the place.

Welcome! My name is Dr. Roviso and I'm the creator of Med School Bootcamp.

When I was in med school, I was bouncing around 5+ different resources, trying to learn medicine and how to prepare for Step 1 efficiently.

I wish I had one resource that distilled what I needed to know with high-yield videos, tons of practice questions, cheat sheets, and more.

Med School Bootcamp is what I wish I had when I was in school. It’s going to make learning medicine easy for you - try it out for free today!

Dr. Anthony Roviso
Dr. Anthony Roviso
Creator of Med School Bootcamp

Frequently asked questions

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