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We currently cover these pre-clinical courses:

💪 Gross Anatomy - video lessons, identify structures on real cadavers, practice lecture-style questions, and practical exam simulations.

🧠 Neuroanatomy - video lessons, identify structures on real cadavers, and practice lecture-style questions.

🤯 Neurology - Comprehensive video lessons and Neuro Bites™ qbank.

❤️ Cardiology - Comprehensive video lessons and Cardio Bites™ qbank.

🦠 Histology - 7+ hours of high-yield videos.

👶 Embryology - 2+ hours of high-yield videos.

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1. Our lecture videos are top-notch.

We focus on the high-yield concepts that repeatedly come up in your med school courses, and teach them in a way that’s easy to remember and makes intuitive sense. Every video is packed with mnemonics, tables, diagrams and more so you’re ready to answer anything that comes your way.

Lance Good teaching Gross Anatomy
Lance teaching gross anatomy

2. Reinforce your learning with our high-yield question banks.

You can apply what you just learned in our lecture videos to your exams and boards with our question banks. Use our anki-style spaced-repetition learning system to reinforce what you've learned each day.

Gross Anatomy question bank
Gross anatomy question bank

3. We know what it takes to get through Med School.

We’ve been in your shoes and know how overwhelming it can feel to learn medicine via Zoom and outdated lectures. That’s why we’re creating simple, easy to understand videos and question banks to make learning medicine easy.

Margaret teaching embryology.
Margaret teaching embryology

Who's Med School Bootcamp for?

1. Med students preparing for pre-clinical courses.

Gross anatomy, neuro, cardio, histology, embryology - these courses can be overwhelming. Bootcamp simplifies these courses into easy-to-understand videos and question banks, so you get started on the right foot and never fall behind.

2. Med students preparing for Step 1 or Level 1.

Our organ system courses follow the latest USMLE blueprints. We focus on the high-yield facts the test writers love to ask about. Everything you need to know for an organ system on Step 1 is in one place, and all organ system videos end with a USMLE-style practice question.

3. Visual learners.

Our teachers don’t just recite First Aid. videos are filled with diagrams, flowcharts, and concept maps to make learning medicine easy. We explain the why so you build an intuitive understanding of medicine.

4. Students feeling overwhelmed.

The #1 skill med students have to learn is how to differentiate low-yield information vs. high-yield information. Bootcamp videos highlight the most important details to know for your exams and boards, so you don’t have to guess.

5. Students that learn better with active recall.

Our question banks reinforce what you learn in the videos with comprehensive explanations. You can tag your questions and revisit them to gain mastery of every concept needed to ace your classes and boards.