Dr. Ryan Gross of Mental Dental holding INBDE Bootcamp on an iPad
Dr. Ryan Gross
Creator, Mental Dental
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2,500+ premium INBDE practice questions

  • 2,500+ high-yield practice questions focused on the most frequently asked questions on the INBDE.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations that incorporate illustrations, charts, and tables to simplify learning.
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"There were less than 5 questions on the whole exam that I felt like I hadn't seen the answers on Bootcamp, I really felt as prepared as I could have been."
Sara Henry
Passed the INBDE
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Watch Mental Dental videos in one place

  • Track your progress while studying our curated library of Mental Dental videos for the INBDE.
  • Bite-sized quizzes follow each video and reinforce your understanding of high-yield topics.
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"I can’t thank Bootcamp and Dr. Ryan enough for helping me get through the study process. There were even some questions on my exam that were similar to the ones I had done in Bootcamp."
Julie Suarez
Passed the INBDE
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Study on your phone anywhere, anytime

  • INBDE Bootcamp works on desktop, tablet, and your phone!
  • Download our iPhone or Android mobile app for a seamless study experience when you're on the go (must have an upgraded membership).
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"There were very few questions on my actual exam (less than 10) that I wasn't sure about, and I had multiple questions that felt so similar to Bootcamp which was so helpful!"
Sara Gilbert
Passed the INBDE
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Julie Suarez
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Students pass with INBDE Bootcamp

Pass Guarantee

Pass the INBDE. Guaranteed.

Hey! My name is Dr. Ari Rezaei and I'm the creator of INBDE Bootcamp.

When I was preparing for boards, I was bouncing around 3 different apps and books, trying to figure out what's actually important to learn.

I wished I had 1 resource that covered everything I needed to pass the test in one place.

So we teamed up with Dr. Ryan from Mental Dental to create the best all-in-one resource to pass the INBDE and become a dentist. And we have the best explanations that make studying for the INBDE easy.

Create an account today and start studying for free. If you master all the questions in INBDE Bootcamp, I guarantee you'll pass the boards.

Ari Rezaei
Dr. Ari Rezaei
Creator of INBDE Bootcamp

Frequently asked questions

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