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Dr. Ryan Gross of Mental Dental
Dr. Ryan Gross
Creator, Mental Dental
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Everything You Need to Pass the INBDE

Hey! My name is Dr. Ari 👋  and I'm the creator of INBDE Bootcamp.
We teamed up with Dr. Ryan from Mental Dental to create the best all-in-one study tool to pass the INBDE and become a dentist. And we have the best explanations that make studying for the INBDE easy.
See how we’re going to make passing the INBDE easy for you 👇

Tehaum Saood
Pass, INBDE Bootcamp Student

"Bootcamp is the best resource out there in my honest opinion. The questions are clearly laid out, have amazing pictures and diagrams, are representative to the style of questions on the actual board, and I also got some questions on my actual board that I saw on Bootcamp."

Dr. Tehaum Saood

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