Dr. Ari's INBDE Study Schedule

A proven day-by-day study schedule to pass the INBDE on your first attempt. 
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Dr. Joel Meyerson

This INBDE study schedule is going to show you, day-by-day, what you need to get done to work through all the videos and question banks on Bootcamp.com and pass the INBDE.‍

This is a 45 day schedule, including one rest/review day a week.

Everyone is different, but if you take around 5 minutes to answer and review a question/explanation, and watch Dr. Ryan’s Mental Dental videos on 1.5x speed, expect to work around 4 hours per study day.‍

Have three weeks to prepare? You’re going to need to do about two days of material for each study day. Three months? You can probably do about half of the daily material for each study day.

I remember feeling overwhelmed and underprepared when I took my dental boards, that’s natural (though I didn’t have INBDE Bootcamp when I studied). There’s a ton of material to learn.

But rest assured that we’ve designed INBDE Bootcamp to be high-yield and concise, so that you can focus on learning what’s actually tested and pass the dental boards the first time.

Good luck preparing!

Dr. Ari & the INBDE Bootcamp Team
DDS, Columbia University