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    Science can be a tricky subject to review due to the volume and complexity of the information. uses a question tagging system where you can rate how well you understand a question during review.

    Bootcamp's question tagging system: learning, reviewing, mastered, and bookmarked
    Bootcamp's question tagging system: learning, reviewing, mastered, and bookmarked

    By tagging your questions, you can mark which questions you want to revisit to review later.

    I strongly encourage you to tag your questions as you work through You’ll avoid wasting time studying things you already know, and more time on things you need to review.

    How do I use the question tagging system?

    If you answer a question and get it correct, skim the explanation to verify you got it correct for the right reasons. Tag it as Mastered (green) if you feel confident in answering questions like that.

    If you answer a question and the information in the explanation is a bit fuzzy to you, and could benefit from a second review, tag it as Reviewing (yellow).

    If you get a question wrong, don't understand it, and need to revisit it again, tag it as Learning (red). Review the relevant lesson and fill in the gaps of knowledge.

    When you come across a question or concept you know you'd like to revisit in detail later, tag it as Bookmarked (grey).

    You can quickly review your tagged questions with the mobile app, making quick review a part of your study routine.

    Where can I study my tagged questions?

    You can find all of your tagged questions by clicking the Tagged Questions link in the sidebar:

    tagged questions link in sidebar
    tagged questions link in sidebar

    You can then review all of the questions you tagged as Learning, Reviewing, Mastered, or Bookmarked from this page:

    tagged questions page
    tagged questions page

    How do I make the most out of my studying using the tagging system?

    Some of our top students share their advice:

    • “Anytime I had a question that I got wrong or wasn’t 100% positive about, I tagged it and bookmarked it.”
    • “I really liked the tagging tool…I would recommend bookmarking to everyone!”
    • “I used the reviewing tool a lot and I thought it was helpful…I would recommend students to mark for reviewing…”
    • “I would usually redo the questions I tagged as reviewing/learning the day after I took a practice test. It also helped me notice what my weak areas were especially for QR. I would definitely recommend students use this tool, it benefited me a lot and helped make my studying more efficient!”
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