How Brittany Used Bootcamp's Readiness Exams to Build Confidence and Pass the NCLEX

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"I loved Bootcamp's format and readiness exams. I had tried ATI and it was OK, but Bootcamp is so easy to understand and navigate. I will forever be grateful for the creators!"
Brittany Taylor

Meet Brittany, a happy NCLEX Bootcamp customer who recently passed the NCLEX. I’ve asked Brittany to share her NCLEX experience with us.

How did you use NCLEX Bootcamp to prepare for the NCLEX?

I bought Bootcamp initially to just brush up on my weak areas, but as I started to use it, I loved the format and also the readiness exams. In my first day I took a readiness exam and I got a High chance of passing. After the exam was done I was able to review each question. They broke each question down into each subject area. I was able recognize which areas needed improvement and I could even tag each question based on my knowledge of that subject. Every seven days I took a new readiness exam and I just continued to focus on my lower scoring questions and content.

What did you struggle with most while you were studying for the NCLEX?

As I began studying for the NCLEX, my issues were that I just wasn’t confident in my answers and that caused me to change right answers to wrong answers. The key takeaways at the bottom of the screen on NCLEX Bootcamp made it easy to get why the answer is right and to sum up the information. Bootcamp comes with videos to explain the content which were also very useful. As I got closer to my test date my issue was studying too much content instead of just focusing on the basics - being a safe nurse. Once I started getting overwhelmed with knowledge, I went back to the basics and just tested myself on that!

What is one piece of advice you would give to another student preparing to take the NCLEX?

The piece of advice I would give other students is to know why you are selecting an answer! In order to fully understand the information, you have to get the Bootcamp! I had tried ATI and it was OK, but Bootcamp is so easy to understand and navigate. I will forever be grateful for the creators. Be honest with yourselves about your weak areas and also your strong areas.! It’s okay to get Low or Borderline on the readiness exams, you just need to get going and don’t ever give up! You are capable of becoming a nurse and will succeed!

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