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90 days of access to everything you need to get an awesome OAT score. Great for students of all types.

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One-time payment. Will not auto-renew.

  • ✏️ 60 representative OAT practice tests with thorough explanations and illustrations that are easy to understand.
  • 💻 Prometric mode to simulate the exact same test interface you'll see on test day.
  • 🎥 Dr. Mike's Chemistry Videos spans 330+ in-depth videos teaching you OAT chemistry from the ground up.
  • 🍟 OAT Bio Bites qbanks that make learning biology easy.
  • 🧬 400+ OAT Biology Videos that break down critical concepts into easy to understand bites.
  • 8,800+ practice questions that are continuously updated to be representative of the current OAT.
  • 📄 Our proven OAT study schedule that has helped 50,000 of our students score extremely well on their OAT.
  • 📱 iOS and Android apps to access the question banks and video lessons on-the-go!
  • 📅 90 days of access.

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180 days of access and an extra 700 questions. Great for students who want more study time and more practice.

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  • ⬅️ Includes everything you get in the Bootcamp Pro membership, and more.
  • 🔬 Biology Plus Tests - 5 additional biology practice tests.
  • ⚗️ General Chemistry Plus Tests - 5 additional general chemistry practice tests.
  • 💊 Organic Chemistry Plus Tests - 5 additional organic chemistry practice tests.
  • 📙 Reading Comprehension Plus Tests - 5 additional reading comprehension practice tests.
  • 🎲 Quantitative Reasoning Plus Tests - 5 additional QR practice tests.
  • 📅 180 days of access.

OAT Bootcamp vs. Kaplan

OAT Bootcamp has created powerful techniques for approaching all sections of the OAT. We offer more high-yield study material than anyone else.

Kaplan OAT *
$499 (Pro Membership)
Number of Practice Tests
60 Practice Tests
42 Practice Tests
Number of Questions
7,700+ Questions
3,460+ Questions
Biology Videos
400+ HD Videos
< 100 Videos
General Chemistry Videos
600+ HD Videos
< 50 Videos
Organic Chemistry Videos
750+ HD Videos
< 50 Videos
Reading Videos
20 HD Videos
< 20 Videos
Quantitative Reasoning Videos
950+ HD Videos
< 50 Videos
Prometric Mode Exam Simulation
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Physics Formula Cheatsheet
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Custom Biology Illustrations
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OAT Pro Tips
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OC Reaction Qbank
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Bio Bites
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Tutor & Bootcamp AI Support
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*OAT Live Online Course as of 4/05/22

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1. OAT Bootcamp - this resource honestly saved my life. I wish I
had known about it sooner. About a month ago, I was beyond
panicked about the test and I felt like I was getting absolutely
nowhere with studying. I was taking practice tests through
Kaplan and my scores kept going DOWN instead of going up.
Once I started with Bootcamp, everything changed, especially
in Biology. Both the condensed notes and the Bootcamp
Biology Academy were SO HELPFUL. USE THESE.Nisha Luke testimonialPriscilla Liu testimonialNathalie Vo testimonialOAT Bootcamp vs. KaplanI used the boot camp practice bank for physics and their formula sheet was super helpful!!!PHYSICS: The BC reaction sheet is your best friend! Know those
equations! On the actual OAT, I got a variety of different equations but it was mostly kinematics, optics, and some circuits. rating on the app rating on the play store

"What's the biggest difference between Bootcamp and everyone else?"

Simply put: we're the best all-in-one study tool to ace the OAT and get into optometry school - you won't need to buy anything else.

Bootcamp has the largest set of representative practice tests, questions, and videos out of anyone, and we have the best explanations that make studying for the OAT easy.

It’s not a coincidence so many pre-optometry students use Bootcamp to prepare for the OAT. It's because we make studying for the OAT easy, and I can't wait to do the same for you.

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