How Josh Achieved the 99th Percentile in Biology on his OAT

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Josh Smith
350 AA

I graduated undergrad in 2017 and I was a nonscience major. First, I read through all of the study guide and study schedule. I began following the study schedule for the first month but eventually made my own study schedule based on my needs. I did not rush into taking quizzes or tests because I had a lot of content to relearn. The only exception for this was gen chem. I first focused on the gen chem videos and quizzes. Afterward, I focused on one section of the test at a time while lightly reviewing other sections. Once I finished the content review I started doing practice quizzes. During my last month of studying is when I took a total of 4 practice tests.

Because I was so busy and had much to relearn I studied for a total of about 6 months. Studying was challenging but I worked on building my stamina and also giving myself appropriate breaks like Ari suggested. I met another nontraditional student who studied the same length so I was encouraged to push through. My favorite thing about Bootcamp is the videos, bio bites, condensed bio notes, question banks, and the assistance from the staff.

For my study schedule, I used a planner to set goals for each day. If I didn’t complete a goal I would go back to it on a designated review day. I studied anywhere between 2 hours to 5.5 hours a day depending on the day for 5 to 6 days per week. I highly recommend OAT Bootcamp.

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