Why Lillie Thought Focusing on Her Weak Areas Was Key to Her NCLEX Success

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"If you are looking for a study tool with a large test bank, real test-like environment, as well as NCLEX and NGN style questions, then this is the tool for you. I recommend NCLEX Bootcamp 100%."
Lillie Brooks

Meet Lillie, a happy NCLEX Bootcamp customer who recently passed the NCLEX. I’ve asked Lillie to share her NCLEX experience with us.

How did you use NCLEX Bootcamp to prepare for the NCLEX?

I ran across NCLEX Bootcamp while doing an online search trying to find something that would help me study for the NCLEX-RN. I clicked on NCLEX Bootcamp and started playing around with it but soon found the program very interesting. I signed up for the trial period and after taking a few tests I knew I needed to upgrade. I did one of the readiness tests and found my weak areas, the primary area being maternal child. I focused a lot on the maternal child area and I am so glad I did. The day I sat for my boards the first set of questions were pertaining to maternal child. I was so thankful that I had been using NCLEX Bootcamp because it showed me the exactly what area I was struggling in. Thank you all so much, I truly believe that this study tool is what helped me pass my state boards and now began to live my dream as an RN.

What did you struggle with most while you were studying for the NCLEX?

I had always hated maternal child when I was in school and I wanted to just get through and past that particular concept and clinicals. There were a couple of areas that I had very low level concerns with however it depended on what test I would test as to how well I would do in that area. However with the maternal child the struggle was always the same and I consistently tested poorly.

What is one piece of advice you would give to another student preparing to take the NCLEX?

I would say to any one in nursing school and in need of an study tool that this is the tool for you. There is so much information in NCLEX Bootcamp that would help a nursing student tremendously even while you are still in school. If you have graduated and are looking for a study tool with a large test bank and real test-like environment as well as NCLEX and NGN style questions, then this is the tool for you. The questions and rationales were really helpful for me. I loved NCLEX Bootcamp so much that I would want to continue to refer back to for information as I start my nursing journey. I recommend NCLEX Bootcamp 100% to all nursing students.

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