How Jearlen's New Year’s Resolution to Study Helped Her Pass the NCLEX

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"I relied solely on the Bootcamp program for my NCLEX preparation and found it to be highly effective. The structured approach of Bootcamp helped me stay focused and motivated throughout my prep."
Jearlen Criza

Meet Jearlen, a happy NCLEX Bootcamp customer who recently passed the NCLEX. I’ve asked Jearlen to share her NCLEX experience with us.

How did you use NCLEX Bootcamp to prepare for the NCLEX?

NCLEX Bootcamp proved to be an invaluable resource in my preparation for the NCLEX exam. I found it to be a comprehensive and effective study tool, especially since I preferred it over traditional textbooks. My journey with NCLEX Bootcamp began on January 1st when I made it my New Year’s resolution to start studying diligently. I scheduled my exam for April 13th, giving myself ample time to prepare solely using Bootcamp.

Despite my initial reluctance towards studying, I committed to answering 10 questions a day from the Bootcamp program. While I often felt lazy and experienced headaches, the clear and concise rationales provided by Bootcamp made it easier for me to understand and retain the information. The familiarity of the exam questions with those in the Bootcamp review boosted my confidence during the actual test.

I received recommendations for other study materials, but I chose to stick with NCLEX Bootcamp due to its organization and effectiveness in covering the exam content comprehensively. The structured approach of Bootcamp helped me stay focused and motivated throughout my preparation period.

In conclusion, NCLEX Bootcamp played a crucial role in my NCLEX preparation journey, providing me with the necessary knowledge and confidence to tackle the exam successfully.

What did you struggle with most while you were studying for the NCLEX?

One of the primary challenges I faced while preparing for the NCLEX was time management. As an individual who values social interactions and enjoys spending time with friends, balancing my study schedule with social activities proved to be quite difficult. I often found myself struggling to allocate sufficient time for focused studying amidst various distractions and competing priorities.

Effective time management is crucial when preparing for a comprehensive exam like the NCLEX, as it requires a significant amount of dedicated study time. However, my inclination towards socializing sometimes led me to prioritize leisure activities over study sessions, resulting in inadequate preparation and increased stress as the exam date approached.

To overcome this challenge, I had to implement strategies to improve my time management skills. Setting specific study goals, creating a structured study schedule, and minimizing distractions were key steps that helped me stay on track with my NCLEX preparation. Additionally, seeking support from friends and family members who understood the importance of my exam preparation also played a significant role in keeping me motivated and accountable.

What is one piece of advice you would give to another student preparing to take the NCLEX?

I relied solely on the Bootcamp program for my NCLEX preparation and found it to be highly effective. The comprehensive nature of the program, coupled with the structured study plan and ample practice questions, equipped me with the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully pass the exam.

In conclusion, focusing on studying with the reputable Bootcamp program can be an excellent strategy for preparing for the NCLEX exam. By utilizing the resources provided in such programs effectively, students can enhance their understanding of key concepts, improve their test-taking skills, and increase their chances of passing the NCLEX.

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