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When you choose to work with us, our experts will ensure that your expectations are met and your direction is clear. We develop a customized plan for each client and offer our support, feedback and guidance along the way to yield the best results.

Personal Statement Platinum ($597)

What's included:
  • Phone & e-mail access to your personal statement specialist
  • Initial voice call includes:
  • Brainstorming ideas and formulating an outline
  • Personal statement review outlining what can be improved, fixed and highlight of any red flags
  • Unlimited* rounds of critique and editing
  • Sentence structure optimization
  • Final round of editing and polishing

The personal statement is a very crucial aspect of your application as it not only gives insight into the type of person you are, but the type of dental student you will be. The personal statement is usually one of the first pieces of information the dental school admissions committee reviews and therefore, it is extremely vital that you present yourself in the best light.

The personal statement service is a personalized, comprehensive package. This service includes unlimited* rounds of critique and editing. We review your personal statement one sentence at a time, top to bottom. We’ll give you advice, suggest revisions of certain ideas or sentences, and point out any red flags. You will also have 1-on-1 access to our in-house expert via appointments should you need additional guidance. Whether you just need an expert’s eyes to review your statement, or are just starting out with a rough draft, this service will ensure you will remain memorable in the eyes of the admissions committee.

Please note: We do not write your personal statement for you. We help you with idea generation, outline and/or revision of an already written personal statement.

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Personal Statement Gold ($374)

What's included:
  • Phone & e-mail access to your personal statement specialist
  • Brainstorming ideas and formulating an outline
  • Personal statement review outlining what can be improved, fixed and highlight of any red flags
  • 2 rounds of critique, revisions and editing

The personal statement gold package is an excellent choice for those who want an expert to review and edit their paper. This service includes two rounds of critique, revisions and editing. We review your personal statement one sentence at a time, top to bottom. You will receive advice, suggest revisions of certain ideas or sentences, and point out any red flags. Whether you just need an expert’s eyes to review your statement, or are just starting out with a rough draft, this service will ensure you will remain memorable in the eyes of the admissions committee.

Please note: We do not write your personal statement for you. We help you with idea generation, outline and/or revision of an already written personal statement or help you get started.

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Secondary Application ($267 per school)

What's included:
  • Phone & e-mail access to your application specialist
  • First round of critique
  • Second round of critique and editing
  • Final round of editing and polishing

With the competition ever increasing for dental schools across the country, every aspect of the application becomes ever more crucial to the outcome. The secondary application holds an immense weight in admission decisions because it is tailored to each particular school. Answering the questions thoughtfully will greatly increase your chances for securing an interview spot.

The secondary application service is personalized to your needs. Whether you would like us to review just a few questions or go over all of your secondaries, we are here to help. Our in-house experts are very knowledgeable about the type of answers dental schools want to see. Each school looks for different characteristics and while one school may find your answer to be satisfactory, another may not.

Our expert will read the answers to the secondary application, critique it, and recommend any changes that may need to be made. After the initial round of review, your revised secondary application will go through another set of critique and editing. Lastly, your answers will get one last lookover and a final polish will take place before your secondary application is ready for submission.

Please note: We do not write secondaries for you. We help you with idea generation, outline and/or revision of already written answers.

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Personal Statement Express Overview ($167)

What's included:
  • Email access to your personal statement expert
  • Fast turnaround time (48 hours)
  • Perfect for those seeking quick expert advice

Are you nearly done with your personal statement and simply want someone with experience to give you some feedback? The Personal Statement Express Overview does just this. Our application expert will carefully review each paragraph and provide some general thoughts, comments and suggestions. Following the review, you will also be given a personal statement rating out of 10 to give you an idea of where you stand.

Please note: This is not the personal statement review package. This is a single review service. We do not write your personal statement for you. We help you with idea generation and outline of an already written personal statement.

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Experience Review (10 experiences for $247)

What's included:
  • Phone & e-mail access to your application specialist
  • Removal of red flags
  • First round of critique and editing
  • Second round of critique and editing
  • Final round of editing and polishing

Applying to dental school is difficult, and with expectations of applicants increasing every year, each component becomes that much more crucial to ensure a solid complete application is submitted. The experiences section of your application is another important section where interview offers can be determined from.

Our expert will carefully review each experience on your application and identify any changes that may need to be made. This package includes an initial round of critique and direction guidance, followed by a second round of critique with editing. Lastly, another review of your experiences will ensure you are putting your best foot forward this application cycle.

Please note: We do not write your experiences for you. We help you with idea generation, outline and/or revision of already written answers.

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Application Critique ($647)

What's included:
  • Email and phone access to your admissions expert
  • Review of all essay prompts on the AADSAS application*:
  • Disadvantaged Consideration Essay
  • Description of Childhood Residency
  • Educational Interruption Essay
  • Reapplicant Essay
  • Manual Dexterity Essay
  • Personal Statement
  • Experiences (up to 10)
  • School Secondary Questions/Essays (up to 10 essay prompts)
  • Identification of red flags and areas of weakness
  • Customized critique and suggestions for improvement
  • Application rating out of 10

There are so many angles to the application that it’s easy to overlook the details, dismiss important aspects of the application or make mistakes. The Complete Application Critique will offer you peace of mind knowing that you’re presenting a solid application.

We will carefully review all of your responses and leave no stone unturned. Following our review, we will provide you with feedback, suggestions for improvement and our overall thoughts on your application. From there we will set up a 1 hour phone call where we can discuss your next course of action.

Please note: This service does not offer any editing or revisions; it is not a substitute for each of the other services we offer (Personal Statement Review, Experience Review, School Secondary Essay, etc.)

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Interview Coaching Package ($297)

What's included:
  • Phone & e-mail access to your interview specialist
  • 30 minute interview protocol overview
  • 2 hours of 1-on-1 mock interview video sessions with critique
  • Multiple mini interview, traditional, panel & group interview covered
  • School-focused interview option
  • Common questions with sample responses practice sheet provided
  • Assistance with formulating answers
  • Additional interview hours can be scheduled at an hourly rate

The last hurdle to overcome prior to an acceptance is the dental school interview. The interview holds immense weight on determining your admissions outcome. Are you ready for the challenge?

The Interview Coaching Package is put together to remove any doubt at your interview. Your specialist will review interview protocols, provide you with a common question sheet and answer any questions you may have. From there, you have 2 hours of 1-on-1 interview time available to schedule. During your interview sessions, you can choose to tailor your interview sessions towards school-specific interview formats or practice all of them. We offer critiques and make suggestions on how you can improve your responses. We cover all interview formats including MMI, traditional, panel and group interviews. Should you want additional interview practice, an hourly rate will be provided.

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School Selection ($197)

What's included:
  • 30 minute video/phone session with our in-house expert to determine which schools are the best fit for you and compile a school list that makes sense

There are 66 dental schools within the United States and another 10 in Canada. Each dental school program looks for certain characteristics in their applicants. Do you know which schools are a good fit for you?

The school selection service includes a 1-on-1 video sit-down for 30 minutes to determine which schools are a good fit for you and which aren’t. Our in-house expert will customize a dental school list based on your needs with the information you provide us. Our admissions expert will explain the pros and cons of each school you’re applying to and have a customized school list put together just for you.

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General Consulting ($87 / $147)

What's included:
  • 30 minute / 60 minute phone call with an admissions consultant who will answer your questions regarding studying for the DAT, application process, dental school or anything else dental school related.

Our general consulting service is designed to give you direction, clear answers and provide you with an encompassing answer. We can discuss the pros and cons of attending certain dental schools, help you with your study plan, outline the application process, create an application plan or whatever else comes to your mind. Get expert answers fast and make an informed decision.

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Complete Application Package ($1997) - Save 7% when you bundle together!

What's included:
  • Personal Statement Platinum
  • School Secondary Service x3
  • Experience Review
  • School Selection
  • Interview Coaching

The complete application bundle is designed to include everything you need to build a successful application and maximize your chances of receiving a dental school acceptance. Be confident in your application when you hit that submit button!

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Dental School Interview Course ($267)

Roadmap Prep is a comprehensive online video course helping students beat their dental school interviews, led by Joel from DAT Bootcamp.

Joel will teach you everything you need to know to beat the interview in 8+ hours of actionable interview videos.
What's included:
  • Step-by-step strategies for thinking about and responding to dental school interview questions
  • How to score in the top-percentile of applicants by delivering a well-rounded response
  • How to communicate effectively and clearly
  • How to maximize your time
  • How to deliver nuanced responses that showcase you’re well equipped to enter the profession
  • How to stand out from the huge number of other qualified applicants who are applying

Start watching over 2 hours of lessons for free at Roadmap Prep.

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Meet the Experts

At Bootcamp.com, our team has gone through a rigorous screening and selection process allowing us to handpick only the most talented experts to help you.
Alex Takshyn

Dr. Alexander Takshyn graduated from York University magna cum laude with a specialized honors in Kinesiology. He was accepted into numerous highly competitive dental school programs as an international applicant and went on to pursue his DMD degree with scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He then matched to his #1 oral and maxillofacial surgery program at Nova Southeastern University, a very intense and busy surgical service which covers three level 1 trauma centers including Broward Health Medical Center and Memorial Regional Hospital, alongside a level 1 trauma pediatric facility - Joe Di Maggio Children's Hospital.

Dr. Takshyn joined DAT Bootcamp as part of the marketing and social media team back in 2018. As his enthusiasm to empower future pre-dental students grew, he published the complete guide on “How to Get Into Dental School,” referenced by hundreds of students to this day. He proceeded to lead numerous webinars on the dental school application process with thousands of hours of view time. Following his passion, he went on to lead the admissions services at Bootcamp.com and helped hundreds of applicants achieve their dreams of attending dental school.

Allie Wilk graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan, where she studied Biology, Health, and Society. Having had tremendous success going through the admissions process herself, she understands how overwhelming applying to dental school can feel. Allie is passionate about helping applicants navigate the admissions process and working with pre-dental students to make their applications more competitive.

Allie is currently pursuing her DMD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine with a scholarship. Outside of Penn’s classrooms and clinics, she is a mentor for a local high school student in West Philadelphia. In her free time, Allie enjoys exploring the city, trying new restaurants, and relaxing with a good book.

Gabby Ciancimino graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Microbiology and Cell Science and minors in both Health Disparities in Society and Women’s Studies. She conducted research that focused on developing empirically-based tools and interventions to promote patient-centered culturally sensitive health care. She is pursuing her DMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and has been selected to be a recipient of the NHSC Scholarship.

Gabby has had countless experiences reviewing dental school applications for students and has worked closely with admissions directors for several dental schools across the nation. As a first-generation college student, she knows the importance of mentorship and empowerment in pursuing one’s dreams. She loves encouraging others to reach deep and find their passions to fuel their writing. Her positive attitude and creative thinking will allow others to be confident in not only their application experience but their own potential. Her hobbies include playing sports, watching true crime tv, going to the beach, and listening to music.

Julie Berenblum

Julie Berenblum graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health and then earned her DMD from the University of Pennsylvania. She matched at her top choice general dentistry residency program at the Manhattan VA, where she will be working as a resident for the upcoming year.

Julie has been working as an admissions consultant since 2020 and loves helping dental school applicants on all aspects of their applicants. Julie has always had a passion for educating other like-minded students. At Yale, she ran the Community Health Educators organization in addition to tutoring students of all ages across all academic disciplines. Outside of dentistry, Julie enjoys exercising, baking, and spending time with her labradoodles, Lily and Sandy.

Alejandro Salcedo graduated cum laude from Loyola University Maryland with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in French. He is currently pursuing his degree at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

Alejandro spent most of his educational years tutoring science and language courses and working on several research projects. His experience working with students, along with his expertise in understanding what it takes to become a highly sought after and competitive applicant is what attracted him to join the Bootcamp Admissions team. He is eager to guide pre-dental students to the dental schools of their dreams. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, learning new languages, traveling, and listening to music.

Nina Iradi

Nina Iradi graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Sociology, and minors in both Chemistry and Philosophy. She is now pursuing her DMD at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

Throughout her undergraduate education, Nina worked as a Teaching Assistant, was involved in multiple types of research, and volunteered at a local food bank that served only college students. At Penn, she is co-founding a club for students that chose to take a nontraditional path to enter dental school. Through her own experience and assisting other pre-dental students with their application process, Nina knows how important it is to be true to yourself when applying to dental schools. She is excited to help even more students reach their goals! In her free time, Nina enjoys going to concerts, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with her friends and family.

Matthew Tiberino

Matthew Tiberino earned a B.S. in Physiology and Neurobiology and an Honors Citation from the Gemstone Research Program in the Honors College at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is currently pursuing his D.D.S. as part of the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

At UMD, Matthew’s four-year interdisciplinary team research program to find a novel, localized treatment for colorectal cancer opened his eyes to using the beautiful simplicity of the scientific method to expand his understanding of the world and learn of ways to pursue a better future. Thinking introspectively about his studies, research, work, volunteering, shadowing, and leadership roles prepared Matthew exceptionally well for the challenges of applying to dental school. He received acceptances to every school that he interviewed at, which included top-tier programs with numerous scholarship opportunities.

Since beginning at Columbia, Matthew has become involved with the Class Council, Endo Club, Anatomy Donor Memorial Planning Committee, Orientation Committee, and District 2 ASDA leadership with upcoming plans to pursue research at the NIDCR. He is ready to help you perfect your application so that you too can become the dentist you have always dreamed of becoming at the dental school of your dreams. In his free time, Matthew enjoys exploring the city, cooking, baking, and trying new food!

Emma Wilkinson

Emma Wilkinson graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Tech in 2020 with a B.S. in Biochemistry and minor in Business Leadership. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her Master’s in Higher Education in 2023, and DMD degree in 2024 as a dual degree student. During her time at Penn, Emma was nationally involved in the American Student Dental Association, served in the Vulnerable Populations Honors Clinic providing comprehensive care to refugee patients, and conducted research focusing on women in dental academics. She is attending General Practice Residency at the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center following graduation.

Emma has a passion for mentoring pre-dental students and has assisted over 200 DAT Bootcamp clients with various aspects of their application. With aspirations to work in either dental school admissions or student affairs, Emma understands the importance of this occasion for pre-dental students and is excited to help them reach their full potential. Outside of dentistry she enjoys running, spending time with her cat Sherb, and trying new snacks from Trader Joe’s.

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen graduated from UC Berkeley with honors in Molecular & Cellular Biology and a minor in Toxicology. In undergrad, he was deeply involved in research, completing both a fellowship and honors thesis in gene therapy. During his gap year, he worked as a dental assistant for a periodontist and teaching assistant at a boarding school in Princeton, NJ. Additionally, Andrew joined Bootcamp in 2020 as a Student Hero and has thoroughly enjoyed his experience helping students. Andrew is currently pursuing his D.D.S. at the University of California, San Francisco.

Andrew has extensive experience mentoring and privately tutoring students for over 7 years. Andrew was also an Applications Consultant for a college advising company and helped review hundreds of personal statements for students. Since dental school, Andrew has conducted multiple interviews for pre-dental students as an Office of Admissions & Outreach Ambassador, has been deeply involved through leadership in his local ADEA chapter, and continues to pursue his interests in oral and maxillofacial surgery. In his free time, Andrew enjoys bouldering, long-distance running, and going to concerts.

John Button

John Button graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University with a B.S. in biochemistry and French literature. He is currently pursuing his DMD and Master of Science in Oral and Population Health (MOPH) degrees at the University of Pennsylvania.

John is an internationally known advocate for oral health and the little-known oro-facial disease noma. He sits on the advisory committee of the International Noma Network, a forum for noma researchers and advocates, where he serves as a French translator and oral health ambassador. John’s research spans oral and population health the world over and he has published and lectured widely on oral health advocacy. In addition to his work on noma, he also researches oral and maxillofacial surgery complications at the VA Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

John has always liked working with students, writing, and public speaking. During his time at Tufts, he was a TA for advanced biochemistry, advanced organic chemistry, as well as both general biology and chemistry. His undergraduate research focused on chemistry education and interviewing, and he most enjoys working with students to prepare their essays and interview skills—helping them put their best foot forward during the application process. Outside of school and research, John is very active having run both an Olympic triathlon and, most recently, the Philadelphia Marathon.

Jessica Hui

Jessica Hui graduated summa cum laude from Stony Brook University with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. She will be pursuing her DDS at Columbia University where she also hopes to earn a Masters in Science and Dental Education.

Throughout her undergrad, Jessica grew her interest in writing into a passion. She served as a teaching assistant for multiple writing courses, contributed to several school blogs, and authored her own poems and short stories. With extensive experiences as a writer, Jessica is excited to help pre-dental students write personal statements and put together applications that they are proud of. In her free time, Jessica enjoys kayaking at Hudson River Park, expanding her tote bag collection, and practicing portrait photography.

Student Reviews

9.8 / 10 satisfaction rating based on our students feedback. "Getting that acceptance letter from my #1 school made this service worth every penny."
Satisfaction rating
9.8 satisfaction rating!

The personal statement express was a lifesaver!!! I wasn't even going to apply this application cycle; however, with a last minute change of plans, I found myself scrambling to get everything finished. I had just written my personal statement, and was about to submit my application, and I was able to get feedback just a few hours after I sent it. The advice was very thorough and helpful! I actually talked with a dental school admissions committee on the phone to receive application feedback, and they said I had one of the best personal statements they had ever seen. Thank you DAT Bootcamp!!!
- Julia R.

I used the Personal Statement Express Overview that is offered by DAT Bootcamp because I was finished with writing my personal statement, but I couldn’t find the “perfect” final draft. I wanted an honest opinion from someone who didn’t know me. Using this service was a wonderful experience! My assigned expert contacted me through email and thoroughly reviewed my personal statement within a day. The review included an overview of each paragraph with comments on the content, ways to improve the structure of the paper and grammatical corrections. In addition, my expert rated my paper out of 10 and wrote a summary of how the paper was put together and his thoughts on enhancement. The courteous feedback and timeliness of service was exactly what I needed to feel confident in my personal statement. It helped me to take what I wrote and make it into a strong, well-structured personal statement that I loved.
- Elisa N.

My experience with DAT Bootcamp admission was great. There was a great communication which allowed making the phone call appointment very easy. The phone call itself was very helpful for me. Before making the phone call, I was very unsure of where I stood regarding which schools I have a chance in being admitted but Bootcamp.com made it very clear for me. He carefully answered all the questions I had and even allowed me to ask questions after the session. Now I feel confident regarding what school I will be applying to.
- Emily P.

My personal experience with DAT Bootcamp service has been outstanding. Bootcamp.com was very responsive and helpful throughout the process of completing my personal statement. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to craft an immaculate personal statement.
- Chris J.

Bootcamp.com is excellent. Always helpful, always available to answer questions. Bootcamp.com helped me a lot in writing my personal statement in a way I could never think. Additionally, Bootcamp.com helped me find the schools that would fit with my academic grades. I will always be grateful for [Team Bootcamp’s] help.
- Roger M.

Alex was amazing! He helped me so much - he helped me come up with ideas for my personal statement, draft it and edited it numerous times, paragraph by paragraph. His service was always fast and efficient, and he always answered emails, texts and calls in a timely manner. Thank you so much for everything!
- Sarah A.

I loved my experience. Bootcamp.com gave me a call and we talked about the personal statement and we had a mini game plan on how to proceed, and Bootcamp.com quickly started a google doc so we could both see my results. Bootcamp.com would revise almost everyday and warn me if something didn’t sound good. I loved [Team Bootcamp’s] honest opinions and I ended up with a killer PS that we both liked. It got me into 9 top dental schools with scholarships at most of them!
- Monique M.

It’s the best resource. I have to say a huge thank you to Bootcamp.com for all of his support. Bootcamp.com made the process of applying to dental school so much better and much more professional for me. I greatly appreciate the DAT Bootcamp team for their help. You guys are the BEST.
- Ali T.

I am thrilled with the experience that I had with DAT Bootcamp. It not only helped me with the actual DAT tremendously, but Bootcamp.com was super helpful and prompt at answering and guiding me through the entire application process. I’m extremely happy and grateful for all the help from you guys. Without you guys I wouldn’t have been accepted into my dream school.
- Jason L.

Getting that acceptance letter from my #1 school made this service worth every penny. I had written a pretty good personal mission statement on my own, but Alex helped me to dig a little deeper, refine my format, and create a narrative that flowed smoothly. With his help I was able to write an excellent personal mission statement that truly communicated who I am and why I want to be a dentist. I'm honestly so happy I chose to use this service.
- Natiri S.

I really liked the admission services from DAT bootcamp. Bootcamp.com was quick to respond and even would help me proofread and give me updates about the progress. My essay turned better because of the help that I got!
- Surya P.

This bootcamp service helped my application stand out. It helped me land multiple interviews at competitive schools. I would recommend to a friend!
- Shah P.

DAT Bootcamp Admission Services helped me a lot, especially with my experience review. I had a hard time explaining what I did in each of my experiences, but with [Team Bootcamp’s] help I was able to write concisely and to the point. The communication was fast and my whole experiences were edited in less than a few days.
- Sahba M.

The feedback I got on the draft I submitted was very constructive and clear. The turnaround time was also fantastic. The process definitely helped me write a PS that was well organized and compelling.
- Lewan M.

Application and Interview Video Library

Here's all of our free dental school application and interview videos that will help make you a better applicant.