9-Week Step 1 Study Schedule

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Key Takeaway
  • Bootcamp's Step 1 Study Schedule will tell you exactly what to study day-by-day so you're prepared to pass Step 1.
  • Download the Step 1 study schedule here.
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    Becoming a physician is an incredibly demanding and arduous process.

    Step 1 is one of the most significant obstacles you will face in your journey to become a doctor. The sheer volume of material leaves many students anxious, and in some cases underprepared for the exam.

    Now that the exam has become Pass/Fail, it is even more important to focus on the highest yield concepts.

    Some students have started to study lightly for Step 1, in an effort to place more emphasis on Step 2. My recommendation is to take Step 1 seriously, and dedicate yourself to building a strong foundation.

    A strong foundation in Step 1 will set you up to absolutely crush Step 2.

    Together, we will focus on simplifying the complex, drowning out the noise, and building up your confidence every day.

    Let’s do this!

    Wanting to study one system at a time? Download our systems-based schedule here.

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