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Dr. Tehaum Saood
Pass, INBDE Bootcamp Student

"Bootcamp is the best resource out there in my honest opinion. The questions are clearly laid out, have amazing pictures and diagrams, are representative to the style of questions on the actual board, and I also got some questions on my actual board that I saw on Bootcamp."

Dr. Tehaum Saood
What's Included?

What's Included in INBDE Bootcamp?

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Anatomy and Physiology
233+ Questions
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Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology
281+ Questions
< 134 Questions
308+ Questions
< 134 Questions
292+ Questions
< 130 Questions
Fields of Dentistry
674+ Questions
< 67 Questions
Genetics and Developmental Diseases
96+ Questions
< 56 Questions
Patient Management
296+ Questions
< 58 Questions
115+ Questions
< 16 Questions
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Jacinta Tracey, INBDE Bootcamp student
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Bootcamp + Mental Dental

Why Choose INBDE Bootcamp?

We have everything you need to pass the INBDE, guranteed.
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You'll get the highest quality, most representative questions of anyone.

Our question bank covers every topic you’ll see on the INBDE, and mimics the question format & test blueprint.

Akrita Dogra
"The questions in Bootcamp are very similar to ones that appear in the actual exam. Also, there are so many pictures, charts, and diagrams to look at with the questions which is a huge plus."
Akriti Dogra
INBDE Bootcamp Student
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You'll get our money-back guarantee that you'll pass the INBDE.

If you're a US student and give Bootcamp an honest try, we guarantee you'll pass the INBDE. If you don't pass, just email us at and I'll quickly refund your entire payment.

Dr. Ari Rezaei
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Ari Rezaei
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You'll get the only resource made in partnership with Mental Dental.

Bootcamp is the only resource with quizzes after every Mental Dental video. Track your progress, too!

Colin Gustus
"A lot of the time I knew the answer before even looking at the answer choices because Bootcamp trained me so well."
Colin Gustus
INBDE Bootcamp Student
Dr. Ryan Gross of Mental Dental
And more...
Detailed and concise explanations

Concise and easy-to-understand explanations

Our explanations focus on high-yield topics and explain them in an easy-to-understand way.

Mental Dental videos

Supercharged Mental Dental videos with quizzes

Bootcamp is the only resource with quizzes after every Mental Dental video. Track your progress, too!

iOS and Android apps

Award-winning iPhone and Android mobile apps

All of your question banks, videos, tagged questions and more are available on the go.

Create custom tests

Create and review custom practice tests

Personalize your study experience by creating custom tests. Mix and match any combination of subjects.

Review your mastery

Save time studying by using questions tags

Spend more time on concepts you need to review by tagging questions as learning, reviewing, and mastered.

Visualize your progress

Track your progress in each subject

As you tag questions throughout your review, you'll be able to track your progress in each subject.

Marijan De Vanna
Pass, INBDE Bootcamp Student

"Bootcamp is more up to date than the other study tools I used, and the questions are very similar to the ones you will find on the INBDE. I can certainly say it helped me pass on my first attempt!"

Marijan de Vanna
Student reviews

"Bootcamp is extremely high-yield and will help you pass if you do this. You WILL PASS."


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