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    You’ve worked hard the weeks leading up to the INBDE, and exam day has finally come! Be sure to arrive at the Prometric center thirty minutes early with your registration confirmation and two forms of identification for entry.

    Pack a small bag with any food, water, or personal items you may need throughout the day. Although you cannot bring any personal items into the exam room (besides earplugs), you can access your locker during the scheduled breaks.

    Although most breaks during the INBDE are fifteen minutes, there is one thirty minute break for lunch. Be sure to eat! 

    INBDE Pro-Tip: You can bring earplugs (without any wires) into the exam room. Some Prometric centers have these available for candidates, but others require you bring your own. 

    Similar to the DAT, Prometric will provide you with any scratch paper you may need, so you can leave any paper or pens at home. 

    If you require any testing accommodations, the JCNDE outlines the application process here

    Test-taking strategies

    You have made it this far in your educational journey, so you are more than prepared with test-taking strategies that work for you. Don’t doubt the work you’ve put in leading up to exam day! 

    Some tips to keep in mind: 

    • Utilize the built-in exam features, like the highlight and strike-out tools, and flag any questions you wish to return to. 
    • Use your scheduled breaks! Refuel and rehydrate, stretch your legs, and focus on what’s ahead. 
    • When you are stuck on a challenging question, remind yourself that some questions on the INBDE are experimental and are not scored. 

    You have more than enough time during each section of the INBDE, so be thoughtful with your responses and double check your work! That being said, read each question carefully, don’t let red herrings distract you, and trust your instincts. 

    After the exam

    Congratulations! You made it through the INBDE. There is a wait of about two to three weeks to receive your exam score. The waiting game can be the most stressful part! 

    Most likely, you will not walk out of the exam day feeling like you aced the INBDE. The exam is designed to be challenging. Fortunately, not every question is weighted equally and not every question is graded. Trust that you studied your hardest and put in your best effort! Hard work always pays off.

    Use this time to relax and recharge – you’ve earned it!   

    What happens after the exam?

    Once your result is posted, you can check your grade on the ADA website. From here, your result will be shared with your dental school administration and any state licensing boards you may have selected during your initial INBDE registration.  

    Let Ari and the INBDE Bootcamp team know how it went on our After the INBDE page! 

    Licensure requirement

    After the INBDE, one of the final hurdles in your professional training is applying for licensure. The INBDE is accepted by all U.S. states and territories and fulfills all or part of the written examination requirements for dental licensure. 

    Licensure is determined on a state-by-state basis, although most states require a clinical performance examination for licensure, too. 

    Be sure to look at your state’s official website for any dental licensure requirements and where you can submit your official INBDE score.

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