How to Pass the INBDE as a Foreign Trained Dentist (2024)

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    What is the INBDE?

    The INBDE (Integrated National Board Dental Examination) is a licensure examination that allows the U.S. dental boards to determine whether licensure candidates have the necessary level of clinical skills to practice entry-level dentistry in the U.S.

    Foreign trained dentists are required to pass the INBDE for admission into advanced standing programs at U.S. dental schools. 

    The INBDE involves clinical content areas that represent fundamental tasks performed by entry-level dentists. These are grouped into three sections: 

    1. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
    2. Oral Health Management
    3. Practice and Profession

    The INBDE consists of multiple choice questions, many of which have a patient box with the question asking about. Some cases will involve dental charts, radiographs, and clinical photographs. Some of the case-based questions will appear in item sets, in which multiple questions are based on one patient case. 

    The INBDE is a two-day exam. Here’s what the exam days will look like:

    INBDE Schedule

    INBDE Bootcamp is here to help you pass!

    We’ve helped hundreds of foreign trained dentists successfully pass their INBDE using only INBDE Bootcamp.

    INBDE Bootcamp is a self-directed, all-in-one resource to help you pass your exam! We have over 2,200 INBDE questions that are highly representative of the questions you will see on your INBDE, as well as video lessons by Dr. Ryan from Mental Dental (an award-winning dental educator) for content review that we’ve supercharged by adding active-recall quizzes after every video. 

    Our INBDE Bootcamp questions are carefully designed with thorough explanations to help you understand the correct and incorrect answer choices. 

    We also have Ari’s 45-day INBDE Study Schedule which is designed to show you day-by-day what you need to do to get through INBDE Bootcamp and pass your INBDE

    If you find that it’s been a long time since you’ve reviewed the material covered on the INBDE and you need more time to study than 45 days, we encourage you to modify the study schedule to fit your needs. It might look like this:

    • Spend the first month of studying watching Dr. Ryan’s Mental Dental videos
    • Then, split the rest of the study schedule days into two days. This will stretch your studying out from 45 days to 3 months. With this plan, you will study for 4 months

    Keep in mind that everyone studies differently and INBDE Bootcamp makes it easy for you to be flexible and study however you are most comfortable. 

    How long should I study for?

    INBDE Bootcamp offers 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month membership options. We welcome you to study for as long or as short of a time as you choose. You can read more about these options and upgrade your membership here: 

    Is there any tutoring or help if we are struggling?

    Yes! INBDE Bootcamp has INBDE Support Educators that are happy to answer any questions that you may have throughout your time studying with us. 

    Below you can read about some success stories from a few international dentists that have been successful with INBDE Bootcamp: 

    Good luck! If you’re ready to get started preparing for the INBDE with Bootcamp, sign up here.

    And if you have any questions just send us a message!

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