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    Welcome to INBDE Bootcamp! I'm Joel 👋, and I'm a University of Toronto DDS 2015 grad. I'm one of the co-creators of INBDE Bootcamp.

    Canadian NDEB Study Material

    We have received lots of questions from students taking the Canadian NDEB, asking if INBDE Bootcamp can help prepare them for the Canadian dental boards (NDEB).

    Can INBDE Bootcamp help me prepare for the Canadian NDEB?

    INBDE Bootcamp can absolutely prepare you for the Canadian NDEB! The Canadian NDEB closely mirrors the INBDE, which is why INBDE Bootcamp is going to be helpful in your preparation. The examination blueprint provided by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada closely resembles the outline in the candidate guide of INBDE from the American Dental Association.

    What are the differences between the Canadian NDEB and the American INBDE?

    • The Canadian NDEB is administered as a written examination in the form of two books that each contain 150 multiple choice questions given on the same day. The American INBDE is a computer based examination given over two days. The first day contains 360 questions and the second day contains 140 questions.

    What are the similarities between the two exams?

    Both examinations are pass / fail and require a scaled score of 75 for a pass.

    In reference to scope:

    • The INBDE groups the content into three areas: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Oral Health Management, and Practice and Profession.
    • The NDEB similarly has a list of competencies for a “Beginning Dental Practitioner in Canada” that includes objectives similar to the content area objectives of INBDE. The exam blueprint identifies 8 topic groups that questions are broken into to cover this information.
    Overview of NDEB topics vs. INBDE Bootcamp

    These two exams cover much of the exact same information. All of the topics tested on the NDEB can be found in the INBDE Bootcamp question banks. INBDE Bootcamp has developed high quality questions that prepare students well for taking the INBDE, and provides additional resources such as tutoring support and high yield videos from Mental Dental. This all will lead to your success on the NDEB!

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