How Ahmad Used Bootcamp to Pass the INBDE in 60 Days

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"Bootcamp has everything a dentist needs to ace the INBDE. They make the process enjoyable and stop you from over thinking your study plan."
Ahmad Mohammad Rabah El Estwani
Passed the INBDE

I am a foreign-trained dentist who graduated from, BAU, a great school in Lebanon. I operated my dental clinic for six years before moving to the US to marry the love of my life. I started looking into programs several months before moving, as you know, there are a lot of them out there, and because I have been away from the academic side of Dentistry for some time, it was integral to choose the best program.

I stumbled upon Dr. Ryan’s channel (Mental Dental) on Youtube and it transformed the way I looked at the test. Through the channel I found BOOTCAMP. Then suddenly, what I thought was a truly rigorous and extremely hard task to accomplish, looked simple and easy. 

To sum it up, Bootcamp has everything a dentist needs to ace the INBDE. They make the process enjoyable and stop you from over thinking your study plan. All that is required is you be disciplined and committed to achieving that PASS.

NOW, a breakdown of the study plan I followed:

I gave myself 60 days to study.

I cannot STRESS this enough, create your schedule and set up achievable mini-goals. This way you will always be motivated and keep yourself going through this long process. 

Personally, I followed Dr. Ari’s schedule to the best of my abilities. I think it is a great benchmark and standard to have. I studied every day for about 4-6 hours, and this included Mental Dental videos (played at 1.5x speed) as well as going through the question bank and marking questions as I go.

After 40 days, I had gone through all of the questions and felt confident but still a little bit wary. Therefore, I spent the rest of the remaining 20 days just reviewing and cementing the info.

Exam Days Breakdown:

Day 1: 

What a day that was! 

First of all, you have to sleep as early as you can the previous night because this day is long. Make sure you wake up refreshed and well-rested before starting this trek. Have a nutritious breakfast, and take with you some fruits and water because they will come in handy during your breaks. 

This leads to my second point, USE ALL YOUR BREAKS. Don’t try and combine two sets of questions together because it will drain you. 

Now, regarding the questions, read them carefully, most of the time you will know the answer or have a good idea of what it might be even before going through the choices. So do not allow a fancy word in the question to fluster you, just stick to what you know. I finished most of the sets with about 45 minutes left on the clock so I had ample time to review, but if you don’t, at least make sure you review the questions you had marked. A good strategy I used was to strike out the choices that I knew 100% were false, so when I review those marked questions I would only be debating between the ones I did not strike out. 

Day 2:

This day is a less stressful one, and because of my fair clinical background, I found it to be easier than day 1. 

The questions you will see on this day are straightforward and on many occasions, you can find the answers in the attached images, charts, or X-rays. The way I went through them is, first I looked at the attachments in order to have an overall idea, and then I read the questions and choices. 

Also the same as before, Review Review Review, especially when you finish the last set and you just want to go home and relax. DO NOT GET COMPLACENT.

Finally, just do your best and remember that you have had the capacity the go through dental school and succeed, so with hard work and determination you will be able to pass this exam and achieve what you are capable of. 

Rest assured that the BOOTCAMP team has created an immaculate program that will help you on your journey. Good luck to you all and Thank you Bootcamp.

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