What are Rock Keyholes?

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    Congratulations, predents! You have become so skilled at the perceptual ability test that the test makers decided to make the PAT harder. How did they try to do this? Rock keyholes.

    Rock Keyhole Question

    Rock keyholes involve a 3D object that is multifaceted, a more disorganized version of a gemstone. This can intimidating if you’re not prepared.

    As part of our PAT Academy keyhole video series, I have an entire video dedicated to rock keyholes. Following the video, we also have a rock keyhole quiz for you to practice.

    If you haven’t yet watched the keyhole PAT Academy, I’d recommend not jumping straight to the video on rock keyholes. This video on rocks will make the most sense if you go through the entire video series, starting with the first video.

    We also have rock keyholes within our PAT practice tests 1-10.

    Rock on!

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