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My name is Dr. Ari Rezaei. My team and I built Bootcamp.com to provide challenging prep material to get you ready to conquer your classes and exams. I graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Ari Rezaei
Dr. Ari Rezaei
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    Key Takeaway

    If you’re a member of a pre-optometry club or society, check with one of your officers to see if you have a discount already set up for your school.

    If not, just have an officer contact us so we can setup a discount! Email us at michael.corrao@bootcamp.com to set up a discount.

    How to Use the Tagging System on Bootcamp
    How to Use the Tagging System on Bootcamp
    Bootcamp.com uses a unique tagging system where you rate how well you understand a question during review. Learn how to use it to its full potential.
    October 1, 2022
    What's a good OAT score?
    What's a good OAT score?
    The average AA for acceptance across all optometry schools is approximately a 320. This is just an average though – you can certainly get accepted with lower OAT scores depending on the strength of the rest of your application and where you apply.
    October 1, 2022
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