Is DAT Bootcamp Harder than the DAT?

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Dr. Joel Meyerson
Key Takeaway
  • There are easy, medium, and hard questions on the DAT. DAT Bootcamp practice tests focus a little more on the medium/hard questions, so you can get a higher score on the real DAT.
  • If you’re doing well on the DAT Bootcamp practice tests, you’re going to ace the real DAT.
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    Our goal at DAT Bootcamp is to get you the highest score possible on your DAT.

    The way standardized tests work is they use a steep scoring scale. This means the difference between a high score (25AA, 99th%) and an average score (18AA, 50th%) is just a few questions.

    The DAT determines high scores from average scores based on who answers the hard questions correctly.

    To help you prepare for this, we include slightly more medium and hard questions in our practice tests. By preparing you for the harder questions, you’ll be better prepared to get a high score on the DAT.

    No question we ask on DAT Bootcamp is harder than something you could see on the real test. But we have fewer easy questions than the real DAT, which overall makes our tests slightly more challenging. 

    Ultimately, the scores you get on your practice tests don’t mean anything. All that matters is what you score on the real DAT. Use the practice tests as an opportunity to learn. Any question you get wrong on the practice test is a mistake you won’t make again on the real thing. 

    All of this leads to higher scores on test day, which helps you towards the real goal – getting into dental school. 

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    Hannah Brein, DAT Bootcamp Student