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We've been adding these changes gradually and all of these updates are already included in your account. If you’ve been studying with Bootcamp, you've been studying with the latest version and you’re well prepared to ace the DAT.

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    Latest updates

    We’re constantly updating our materials, creating new questions, and removing low-yield questions to keep DAT Bootcamp as the most representative source for DAT prep. Here are some of the most exciting recent changes we've made at DAT Bootcamp:

    • [NEW] Performance page that tracks all your practice test scores and estimates your real DAT score based on students who performed similarly to you.
    • [NEW] Bootcamp AI is your personal tutor for every practice question. If you're not sure about something after reviewing an explanation, ask Bootcamp AI and get your questions answered instantly.
    • [NEW] We've embedded recall questions after every bio, GC, and OC video in the course players! This will help you test your comprehension as you watch the videos and switch on active learning.
    • [NEW] 920 new TFE questions added to the qbanks. No longer will you have to only practice with the basic shapes the generator is able to create.
    • [NEW] We've completed major upgrades to the angle ranking and hole punching generators. You can now zone in on your weakest type of angles for AR, practice two hole punch questions in HP, and we've greatly improved the explanations the generators are able to create.
    • [NEW] 60+ new Dr. Mike video explanations added to new GC & OC test questions
    • [NEW] We've overhauled all the biology test text explanations to make them more concise, and save you time while studying
    • [NEW] We've added 65+ new bio, GC, and OC questions based on what is showing up on current DATs

    Quick look at select recent updates


    • 2022 DAT Biology Test Updates - made additions to Bio Academy, Bio Videos, qbanks, and practice tests in preparation for the 2022 biology test specification updates
    • We've completely overhauled biology tests 1-10 based on current versions of the DAT to make our practice tests even more representative of the actual test
    • Added 175+ new questions to the bio tests based on current questions showing up on the DAT
    • Overhauled Chapter 9: Diversity of Life of Bio Academy and Bio Videos to reduce focus on minor details no longer showing up on DATs and make higher yield
    • Added relevant infographics to certain questions tests 1-10 to help compare and contrast concepts
    • Updated Bio Bites to prune out low yield questions, and added new questions based on additions made in Bio Academy
    • Bio Videos chapters 1-8, 11-13, 15 released
    • Remade chapters 9 and 10 of the Bio Videos
    • Key Takeaways added to bio practice test explanations

    Gen Chem

    • Refreshed Dr. Mike’s GC Videos series, with more whiteboard problem solving


    • Updates to the reaction bites, qbanks, and tests to focus on new question types showing up on the DAT


    • 834 new questions added to the keyhole qbank
    • Over 1000 video explanations added, every PAT question in our qbanks and practice tests now has a video explanation
    • PAT Academy keyholes and top front end videos remade
    • Added new rock keyhole and rock TFE questions to practice tests


    • New “what evidence from the passage supports...”, “what new finding would contradict...”, and graph questions added to the practice tests


    • Streamlined qbank and practice test question explanations, with a focus on clarity and conciseness
    • New data sets and ratios questions
    • Launched QR Academy v3, with new application videos aimed at cementing information from the concept videos

    Study schedule updates

    • [December, 2022] Updated the DAT study schedule so that the schedule is easier to get through and days are more balanced

    Platform updates

    • Brand new iOS and Android mobile apps
    • Qbank and video course keyboard shortcuts: use keys 1-5 to select an answer choice, c to check your answer or to complete a video, and the arrows keys to move between questions or videos
    • Shuffle feature added to qbanks
    • Question statistics: once we have enough responses for a new or edited question, see what other students selected
    • Prometric delay mode: add a two-second delay in between questions loading in the practice tests to better simulate the real DAT testing experience. Just click the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the testing screen.

    DAT Bootcamp's team of 34 is constantly working to prune, refine, and improve our content so that we can bring the highest-yield, most representative DAT prep to you. I'm excited to share with you some of those new updates soon :)

    –Ari and the Bootcamp.com Team

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