Can I Use Bootcamp for the Canadian DAT?
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Dr. Joel Meyerson
Dr. Joel Meyerson
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    Key Takeaway

    Can DAT Bootcamp help me prepare for the Canadian DAT?

    Short answer: Yes!

    Canadian students have found DAT Bootcamp super helpful in studying for the Canadian DAT for the sciences, perceptual ability section, and reading comprehension. There is a lot of overlap between the American and Canadian DAT, which is why Canadian students recommend Bootcamp for their preparation for the Canadian DAT.

    Read how these Canadian students used Bootcamp to prepare for their CDAT

    What are the differences between the Canadian and American DAT?

    There are a few key differences between the Canadian and American DAT:

    • The Canadian DAT does NOT test organic chemistry or math.
    • The Canadian DAT has an optional manual dexterity portion, where a cylinder of soap is carved based on specific instructions provided.
    • The reading comprehension section on the Canadian DAT gives you 50 minutes to complete the 50 questions (the American DAT provides 60 minutes for the 50 questions).
    • The Canadian DAT is administered multiple times a year.

    The Canadian DAT and American DAT cover the exact same material in the biology and general chemistry sections. Given that DAT Bootcamp has developed high quality questions for the American DAT, Canadian students have found they translate very well for preparing for the Canadian DAT.

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