Student picture for Anatomy Bootcamp
It's very useful, extra preparation for our exams, real time fedback for the exercises. It was recommended to me by one of my friends and I already recommended it to some of my classmatsSo far it's helped me a ton by
grouping muscles, nerves,
and vessels together, making
it easier to put the big picture
together!The questions are specifically targeted to strengthen weak points and give a overall picture. I would say used in complementary with lecture material, it should assist heavily.I score this Bootcamp a 10 due to the conclusion of how much easier it is than any normal anatomy classIt has hundreds of cadaver photos and lecture style questions and is extremely affordable.
I like the fact that anatomy is broken to such a basic level that I am easily able to understand the material with little to no prior knowledge.Best resource I have found to practice identifying structures on cadavers/real bodies. All the other websites I found use atlas drawings but we all know how different they can be compared to the real thing.Everything is explained so well You guys break it all down. I'm just starting but already peeked everywhere.Cadaver videos are amazing! The tutorials are very in line with what I am learning in my graduate classes.
The quality of the photos, question banks, lessons, it all does a fantastic job of helping people further understand anatomy. It is unlike any other platform I've seen, one I would very much recommend to a friend :)I have took an anatomy class with ASU and the way they teach vs the way the program is set up is a huge difference. I learned quickly and I am able to use this knowledge in my intern with a chiropractor.I feel like this site does a great job of not only teaching the content but also testing us on it. The support is also quick to respond and explain any lingering questions.Information is presented perfectly, and if I get an answer wrong I can watch a video and figure it outCadaver pictures are huge, and the amount of practice questions w/ explanations is great.
I've already recommended y'all to multiple classmates. The approach, quality instruction, the organized method in which it is delivered, all reinforced with high quality cadaveric images and an anki-like rating of question difficulty. Ugh I SO wish I'd found y'all earlier! I'm going to spread the word like wildfire.Incredibly helpful in explaining information then it gives you a magnitude of questions to test your understandingStraightforward and clear explanations, plus great customer supportWas such an amazing supplement to my gross anatomy course. It truly helped me reinforce the material. The mnemonics were essential on test days! Thank you!!!Super streamlined platform that gives you all that you need in one place.