Farah's Detailed Breakdown for a 30 on Bio and 24 AA

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Farah Hossein
24 AA

My biggest achievement was scoring a 30 on bio! I only studied for 3.5 months and began a month into my fall semester while still taking difficult classes such as genetics and microbiology (with lab). I think the best thing for managing my time was writing down a schedule each day of what tasks I needed to complete in order to finish a certain subject on Bootcamp at the time I wanted. I didn't end up following Ari's schedule just because I had less flexibility in my schedule, but the way I paced myself really paid off.

I began studying bio, by watching all the videos and annotating the given note sheet on my iPad. I made sure to do all BioBites within 2 days of watching the videos. Halfway through bio I began gen chem, and used the same technique with the question banks. I finished both bio and gen chem within 1.5 months, then began orgo and quantitative reasoning. During this month, I redid all the chem question banks and began using the bio flashcards on quizlet and the bio question banks. I did a little PAT everyday throughout this whole process, and did some reading comp in the end. The biggest thing that helped me however was the practice exams.

My last month was christmas break and I had all day to focus on taking each exam. I would take the exam one day, and spend the next day reviewing each question I was unsure about/got wrong. I made a google doc/notability doc with every question I wanted to review and wrote out explanations for each right/wrong answer. While taking new exams, I was still reviewing the documents I made for the older exams, and in the end I essentially had seen each exam 3 times (once taking it, once reviewing/making the doc, and once reviewing the doc). I made quizlets for every bio question I got wrong and found that to help me so much on the actual exam. I hope this helps any students that are feeling nervous!! It is definitely doable and just requires endurance and dedication.

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