Should I Use the High-Yield Bio Notes, Bio Academy, or Bio Videos?
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My name is Dr. Ari Rezaei. My team and I built to provide challenging prep material to get you ready to conquer your classes and exams. I graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Ari Rezaei
Dr. Ari Rezaei
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    Key Takeaway

    All students should study the biology question banks and practice tests.

    If you have a strong bio background, use the High-Yield Bio Notes.

    If you're a visual learner, use the Bootcamp Bio Videos.

    If you prefer reading, use the Bio Academy.

    Biology is one of the hardest subjects to study for on the DAT. There is such a vast amount of information to learn, and an endless number of concepts that can be tested.

    Fortunately, Bootcamp has several ways to study biology, depending on how you learn best. I’ll explain the differences so you can choose the study method that works best for you.

    Bootcamp High-Yield Bio Notes

    The Bootcamp High-Yield Bio Notes function best as a study guide for quick review. We’ve cut out the work for you by creating concise, high-yield notes with all of the most important to know for the DAT.

    I recommend the High-Yield Bio Notes if you have a strong background in bio already, and just want to stick to the main stuff that is most likely to appear on your DAT. You can just review these notes, and move on to the question banks and practice tests to fill out your DAT knowledge.

    If you learn everything in the high-yield biology notes, you can easily score at least a 20 on the DAT, which is enough for acceptance to almost all dental schools.

    Bootcamp Biology Videos

    If you prefer to learn with videos, I encourage you to use the Bootcamp Biology Videos instead of the notes.

    These videos are comprehensive and explain everything that can possibly be tested on the DAT in an easy to understand way. Students love using these videos to review biology, and then move on to the question banks and practice tests.

    Bootcamp Biology Videos
    Preview of the Bootcamp Biology Videos

    Bootcamp Bio Academy

    The Bootcamp Biology Academy is a textbook version of the High-Yield Biology Notes. It includes more details and illustrations on the same bio concepts to help you learn the information. 

    If you prefer reading, I would recommend using these to study biology. You can use these as a supplement to the Biology Videos, they cover the same information.

    Many students like to watch the Biology Videos first, and then use the Biology Academy as a quick reference when they want to quickly review something specific.

    Bio Bites

    Some students prefer to learn by answering questions first, and then reading explanations. Active learning is one of the best methods to study, and Bio Bites will help you master all the information you need to know for biology. 

    I highly recommend using these to turn on active learning as you go through the biology chapters.

    Bootcamp Bio Bites
    Preview of the Bootcamp Bio Bites Question Bank

    Bootcamp Question Banks and Practice Tests

    These are the most important resources to study for every student. No matter which method you choose to review the content first, be sure you answer all the question banks and learn from all the DAT Bootcamp bio practice tests

    These questions are the most representative of what you'll actually see on the DAT and how the concepts will be tested. These are absolutely necessary to score high on the DAT biology section.

    Bootcamp Bio Practice Test
    Reviewing a Biology Practice Test

    Biology Mnemonics To Know For the DAT and OAT
    Biology Mnemonics To Know For the DAT and OAT
    Mnemonics are a great tool to memorizing large amounts of information quickly. Here are a couple I used to answer some questions on the DAT and OAT.
    January 12, 2022
    DAT Bootcamp Biology Anki Decks
    DAT Bootcamp Biology Anki Decks
    Many students are using Anki as a replacement for traditional flashcards. Anki utilizes spaced repetition to encourage more frequent active recall, helping cement information.
    January 24, 2022
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