How the Highlighting and Cross Out Features Work on the DAT

How the Highlighting and Cross Out Features Work on the DAT
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    Key Takeaway

    There are two important features the DAT has that you can use to improve your score. The first is the ability to highlight key words and phrases in the reading comprehension section, and the second is the ability to cross out incorrect answer choices by right-clicking on them.

    How to Use the Cross Out Feature: This is a super useful tool to use on tests. As you go through answer choices, if you know they are definitely wrong, just right click the answer choice to cross it out. It’ll be easier to focus on comparing what you think the plausible answer choices are instead of mentally keeping track what’s right and what’s wrong. All DAT Bootcamp practice tests have this feature for you to practice.

    How to Use the Highlighting Feature

    How I Recommend to Practice Using the Highlighting Tool: On DAT Bootcamp, you can highlight your reading passages. Simply left-click and drag to select the text you wish to highlight, and click the highlight button that appears. This is exactly how it works on the real DAT. If you wish to remove the highlighted text, just left-click the highlighted text.

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