BYU4you Balanced RC Strategy

BYU4you Balanced RC Strategy
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    Key Takeaway

    This is a new strategy that attempts to take the best from all the other strategies and reading techniques. BYU4you, a pre-dental student, was scoring around 19-20 on DAT Bootcamp’s RC section, and used this method to score a 28 on the real RC section. See how he did it below:

    BYU4you Balanced RC Strategy

    First, read the title thoroughly and similar to Ari’s advice, read the first two paragraphs thoroughly. After that read about half of the passage QUICKLY which will be around paragraph 7. By this point you have a gist of what’s going on and you’ve read enough to probably answer the first three questions, but you haven’t read so much that you have forgotten the small details. Then once you hit a question you can’t answer, read until you find it. Then read until you hit the next question. (There is a chance the fifth question will be something you have already read) and by the sixth question you are likely to have read the entire passage and answered a lot of questions. Now it’s very simple search and destroy. You will have only about 10 minutes left of the 20 minutes you should give a passage but search and destroy will be simple because you know the passage so well. Tone questions will be fairly easy for the same reason.

    The only possible downsides to this method is if your first questions are ones at the end of the passage. You’ve read enough to know that already though so you can search and destroy that question or just skip and come back.

    My passage had about 60% recall questions and 40% tone questions. But much of the search and destroy (recall) questions would be hard because it involved keywords that showed up so many times I wouldn’t know what to look at.

    This method works because it really takes the best of a few methods and balances them out.

    I thought I would just save my inbox and post this thread here instead. Let me know how it works! But the best method is what works best for you. You also need to just practice a lot using methods so you can easily understand how questions are being asked.

    Good luck with your tests!

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